The Sign Industry has many different faces and offers a wide variety of career options.  Click on the areas of interest to find where you can excel in the sign industry.  If your a recent graduate you may not have experience but don't worry, many Sign shops offer on the job training.  If you have the desire,  there is a place for you in the sign industry.  


Art, Design and CAD/CAM
Have you dreamed of a career that allows you to express yourself through your unique artwork and designs? Design and creativity are the foundation of the sign industry and we are an industry in need of good designers with fresh ideas. Artists that have had formal training and experience with design based computer software are preferred, but not always required. It is a very rewarding experience when you see your original design up high in the sky for the whole world to see. Have more than 225 companies view your application and compete for your employment!


Digital Graphics
Are you an artist or designer that prefers to work with digital photography?  In this new world of high resolution digital imaging, the sign industry is rapidly changing.  Many sign shops now have digital printers that can print images up to several feet wide on a variety of material substrates.  Specialist in this new arena will be progressive designers that have a general knowledge of photo editing and color correction software along with something that can't be taught . . . pure talent! 


The Art of Neon
Have you ever wondered how neon is made?  If you're an artist that prefers to work with your hands and find that an office environment may be a bit too uncomfortable, neon bending may be the career choice for you.  A neon sculptor (tube bender) uses fire to shape glass into amazing works of art and light.  Many employers will offer on-the-job training and some may even pay your tuition at a recognized neon instruction school.  Neon benders are always in huge demand and earn excellent wages. 


Sign Installer
Do you realize that many people are afraid of heights? Some also prefer to work in an office.  Some people need a supervisor looking over their shoulder.  If none of this applies to you, then you may be thrilled to know that there are high paying jobs available as a sign installer or service technician.  Most employers are willing to train the right people and safety is always of the highest priority.



Office and Professional Careers
Don't let the blue collar image fool you!  There also are many high-paying professional careers in the sign industry. Maybe you're an accountant, a bookkeeper, and engineer, a salesperson, an office manager, or a receptionist.  While everyone notices the sign industry for it's creativity and craftsmanship, many are unaware of the level of professionalism in which sign businesses operate. 


Paint and Body
Did they teach you in Auto Body Shop that your skills were only useful in the automotive paint and body industry?  Well they were mistaken.  The same skills and tools are used everyday in the sign industry.  The truth is; signs have rarely been painted with a brush in the last 25 years.  Most signs today consist of some form of spray painting and nearly every sign shop needs a good spray painter.  If you enjoy paint and body work and are looking for a rewarding career opportunity, then becoming a sign painter may be exactly what you're looking for. 


Sign Fabrication (Welding, Electrical and Sheet Aluminum)
Do you enjoy working with your hands? Are you a welder that's missing a certificate? How about an electrician without a license?  What do you think about cutting, bending and shaping sheet aluminum into just about anything? Most fabrication jobs in the sign industry require these basic skills but most employers do not require formal certifications.  Employers' are always seeking trained sign fabricators, but many may offer on-the-job training depending on your desire and commitment.  There's something very rewarding about driving through town and seeing the signs that you built with your own two hands. 


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