Why a Career in the Sign Industry?
So many graduates and experienced craftsman have the perfect skill set to excel in the Sign Industry but are unaware of their untapped potential. 

We hope this site sheds light on the opportunities that are waiting for YOU!


A History and a Future:

The earliest discoveries of signs can be traced back to the times of Plato and the ancient Greek civilizations.  In every civilized society, signs have been used as a means of visual communication. Today, the Sign Industry has evolved from carving stone tablets to producing amazing works of light and imagination.  As our world continues to change, so does the demand for skilled workers in the sign industry.  We offer careers in a creative, hands-on industry that is full of opportunity and will always be in demand.  Join an industry with a rich history and bright future!


Did you design it? Sell it? Fabricate it? Paint it? Wire it? Install it? Whatever! Everyone plays a role in the construction of a new sign and everyone shares the same proud feeling when we see it displayed in public.  It's like being part of a team of artists and sculptors that continually create beautiful works of art and light for the whole world to see.  Join an industry where people are proud of the work they do.

High Salaries:

Are you ready to settle down with a career? Put in your time? Pay your dues? Starting salaries in the sign industry are above the national average.  Skilled workers who put in the time and prove their commitment to their employers are rewarded with long careers and outstanding pay and benefits.  Remember, posting an application on SignCareers.com allows more than 225 companies to review your application and your qualifications increasing your chances of finding a career that is exactly right for you.

Money for College:

Could you use a little extra money for college?  All member companies of the Mid South Sign Association (signcareers.com) offer an exclusive benefit to their employees.  All employees' or employees with dependents are eligible for a college scholarship currently worth up to $1500.00 per year (certain restrictions apply).  This can be renewed year after year and this is a benefit you are entitled to as long as you continue to work for one of our member companies.

  Sign Business Owners:
If you are located in the Mid South and do not want to miss out on this opportunity to find great employees, visit www.MidsouthSign.org for membership information.
Instructors and Career Counselors:
Click here to find out how you can help find jobs for your students.  You prepare them for a career, help make sure they get started in the right direction.  Jobs are out there, they just have to find the right one.

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